Kids Racing Car Beds: Safety Features, Aesthetic Appeal and Fun for Kids

Kids Racing Car Beds: Safety Features, Aesthetic Appeal and Fun for Kids

If you are looking for a functional yet stylish bed to spruce up your child’s bedroom, a kids car bed is a popular choice during the early childhood stage. This is because not only are there many different designs of kids car bed to choose from in terms of size, colour and overall car design, but they also offer unprecedented practical benefits that you should consider when looking to buy one. Of course, this is quite a demanding interior decoration solution for your kids bedroom, but if you already have your mind set on one or you’re in the stages of deciding whether to buy one, here are a few reasons why you won’t regret buying a kids car bed online!


SGS Approved Childrens Beds

SGS Approved Childrens Beds

Getting the SGS tick of approval: Kids Car beds

Consumer goods are part of our everyday lives, therefore when spending your hard earned cash in our economic climate you expect that the products you are buying are of high quality, healthy and safe to use. In Australia, all consumer goods from textiles to appliances, food to electronics are subject to a strict set of quality expectations and safety requirements set by SGS to ensure products that are bought and sold are of high standard for consumer use.

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Who is SGS? What do they do?

SGS, also known as Standard Global Services, is the world's largest inspection, verification, testing and certification company that is trusted by millions all around the world. A certification by these guys really means alot because it assures the product really is the best in the business. Founded in Sweden, the company now has business segments across 10 geographic regions including here in Australia. Their goal is to help businesses like Oli and Ola provide tested and certified products, add value to operations and promote business sustainability.

Passing the test

For different categories of products there are different elements that are tested as part of the certification process. For the home furnishing and houseware industries, the inherent focus is shifted on producing high quality products, testing raw materials and finished products in laboratories and inspecting products throughout production and the supply chain to make sure safety, quality and durability has been maintained. The four main tests used for furniture include:

  • Chemical testing is used to test for compliance against things such as REACH (restricting levels of specific chemical substances), VOC (volatile organic compound) and heavy metals to ensure the products do not harm human health.
  • Flammability testing focusing on flame spread, self ignition, burn rate, smoke density, combustibility, heat release rate and flash over to mitigate the intensity of household fires.
  • Material testing focuses on identification, characterisation and structural analysis of materials, properties of raw material used, and environmental and durability testing to reduce chances of risk as early as possible.
  • Lastly, Physical testing occurs at multiple stages throughout the production process and places emphasis on strength, durability and stability to make sure products are of genuine high quality for general usage practices.

Sounds pretty rigorous right? That’s because it is. These guys really do mean business, so if the products aren’t up to scratch in any of these tests they will be sure to receive a fail and sent back to the drawing board. This just shows what an SGS certification really means; it means you are purchasing a quality assured product from a company that is well and truly trying to put the wellbeing of their customers first. If you want to read more about SGS, you can click here.

SGS Childrens beds

Oli and Ola and SGS

If you’re looking to buy kids car beds online, here at Oli and Ola we are committed to providing only the best premium quality products to all our customers. As such, all our products have already been tested and certified by SGS to ensure that we are able to deliver on that promise.

All our kids car beds have been tried and tested to ensure premium quality MDF construction. MDF stands for medium density fibreboard which is a high grade material that performs better than solid wood and stands up better to heat and humidity. Our frames have been tested to the most stringent safety standards, so this means that your little one can roll around and jump all over this bed (within reason of course) and it won’t damage the integral structure of the bed.

When you think of a racing car you think of speed, and bold, bright colours. That is why all our kids car bed designs sport an array of reds, blues, greens, blacks and pinks for their fancy paint jobs. Paints and finishes release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after their application, and that is why all our paints have been chemically tested and SGS certified to make sure they are non-toxic with low/zero VOC. Using non-toxic paints benefits the whole family by improving air quality, especially if anyone has any allergies or chemical sensitivities.

A childrens bed is one of the biggest investments you will make when decorating your child’s bedroom, so it needs to be stylish, functional and comfortable! That’s why all our kids car beds and childrens beds are made from the best materials and craftsmanship that the market has to offer. We’re proud to say that we have the SGS tick of approval and this gives our customers the added confidence that they’re spending their money on a childrens bed that is going to last for years to come.

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Kids Car Beds: Buying Guide

Kids Car Beds: Buying Guide

Your child has the potential to live out their wildest fantasies in both reality and their dreams with a kids car bed.  By day they can be speeding around a racetrack in a racing car bed, arriving at a princess ball in a Cinderella bed or chasing the evilest of villains in the batman car bed, and by night they will be dreaming about such activities, sleeping all the way till morning ready and excited to do it again the next day.  The trickiest part of the bed-buying process is choosing the right one specifically for your child to create the kind of bedroom that dreams are made of.
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